Millennial Tarot

What's more Millennial than a side hustle?

I created a humorous, on-point Tarot deck that uses Millennial archetypes to provide real guidance. It also generated passive income to fund development of my other business, Mindstream.

The Journey


I was living in San Francisco
Preparing to quit Apple
Hoping to start Mindstream
Needing to generate income while I work on that business


I dated someone who was religiously into Soul Cycle
I thought, what a Millennial spiritual archetype
Almost like a modern day Tarot card
"The Soul Cyclist"
That was the first tarot card I created
Then came "The Urban Farmer" and "The F#*$ Boy"
I designed a 22 card deck in one month
I then had it manufactured


I started selling it onand Amazon
It was a best seller on Etsy
I sold out twice
Customers wanted a full-sized 78 card deck
They also wanted original artwork instead of photography
I spent three months making it with original art
And hired someone to handle sales and marketing
It is for sale at


Millennial Tarot allows me to dedicate my full time to Mindstream