Big Red

I studied the psychology of how people interact with physical space and objects, which remains a topic of fascination to me. I worked on numerous projects I am still proud of today.

The Journey


I studied Design and Environmental Analysis
I specialized in Human Factors in Ergonomics
It's one of the few STEM certified design programs
Cornell is the best in the world in this study...
Because it is the only one with this study
I also minored in Information Science
And learned to code outside of school


We researched how humans interact with space
We researched how children in poverty develop differently
We built a classroom informed by this research for Headstart
I built a lamp that follows a surgeon or artist's hand
I mapped & wrote about evolution in computer mouse design


I studied Information Design abroad in Denmark


I helped start a company with a few friends
It started as Smartphone Powered Laser Tag
And grew into a Wii-like device for iPhone
Splat won many awards on and off campus
We moved out to California after receiving money from an incubator


I snuck into the engineering career fare
I spoke with Apple about web development
They asked to see my website
I did not have one
I went home and coded a website over the weekend to send them
I landed an internship as a web developer at Apple
I went to California and stayed for 6 years
I swiftly switched to a design role