6 Years @ Apple

Apple was my introduction to the working world. It was an excellent foray into user experience, principled design, and innovation.

The Journey

Web Developer

I developed for the Apple Online Store
A programmed t tool to compare iPhone plans
Then as a full-time employee
I created the first iPhone purchase flow for mobile
And won an Accessibility award for the code

Senior Lead User Experience Designer

I left coding & moved into design
Some of the projects I was tasked with are:
Redesign data centers to be an "Apple product"
Prototype how demo devices can help in-store customers
(This won me an internal innovation award)
Research the future-of-work
Solve the problem of collaboration across Apple
Create a tool that connects all other collaboration tools
Design the first online store for internal device purchasing


California got me into meditation
This lead me to spirituality and Buddhism
Nothing I designed at Apple "created" happiness
Better thinking patterns create lasting happiness
I wondered how I could design tools to design better thinking
I left Apple to pursue this goal